Ven Conmigo Capítulo Ocho

_I can talk about a typical breakfast
_I describe the difference between el desayuno fuerte, ligero and ecuatoriano
_I can talk about what I am going to do
_I can talk about things I like to eat
_I can conjugate stem changing verbs (o-ue)

Bizarre Foods Project

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Sample Project

Practice with breakfast food

In chapter one we started learning about the verb gustar. We learned to ask questions and to answer questions. In chapter 4 we added to gustar by talking about what other people like. We continued to build on these skills in chapter 5. In this chapter we are going to focus to build on these skills using the verb encantar which works the same way that gustar works.

If you need a review of gustar--watch this video

Gustar and Encantar

Practice with Gustar

Conjugation of stem changing verbs

Talking abou future events.
Ir + A + Infinitive