Study Guide
La familia

I can describe my family
I can describe the typical chores done by family members.
I can talk about what my family does
I can talk about things my relatives like to do
I can describe the chores that are done and by whom they are done

I can conjugate IR verbs
I can conjugate ER verbs
I can conjugate HACER, SALIR, PONER
I can use possessive adjectives

Here is the video that you all loved so much.

Review of adjectives-- adjectives were introduced in Chapte Two with Mucho and Cuánto.
Verb Conjugation
ER verbs
IR verbs
GO verbs

    • hacer
    • salir
    • poner

Possessive Adjectives (page 154)

Mí Mís Nuestro Nuestros
Nuestra Nuestras

Tu Tus VuestroVuestros

Su Sus Su Sus

Video Explanation Part I

Explanation Parte 2

Project: Create a voice thread project about a famous family. You need to have slides for at least 5 members. Explain the relationship and describe what they look like. Due el 3 de febrero. Minus -1 point for each day late. In this project, you are trying to show off that know how to describe people, you are trying to show that you can describe family relationships.

Assessment: el vienres el 3 de febrero-- Draw your family tree. Pick three members of your family to describe.

Assessment: el viernes el 3 de febrero-- tell who does what chore in your house.

Honors Challenge: Research the Spanish Royal Family and prepare a slide show. You need to have at least 5 members. For each member tell how they are related to the King. Describe the member and include their date of birth. Present your slide show to the class by el tres de febrero. If you need a library pass to do your research, please see me.
This has to be done with no notes.